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World According to Colin Creevey Issue: Oh who cares?


When I was seven years old my grandmother died and my mother spent six days crying in her bedroom while dad tried to do everything else.
He told me once that when people you love die it feels as if part of you has disappeared and it will never come back.
I never understood what he meant until now.
Some of you may think it's stupid to get so upset over something that was never alive to begin with but how would you feel if your favourite possession in the whole world was destroyed by some pratt playing some prank on you?
We all have objects that mean the world to us, I know of at least two fifth years who still sleep with their teddy bears.
It's terrible when they're lost or thrown away, but in my case my personal property was destroyed in a vindictive act of cruelty by a known junior death eater.
Not only did this seventh year student take my property without my permission he brutally destroyed it for no real reason at all.
The young man in question even joked about it claiming he would pay me if my property was destroyed.
It is sickening to think that there are such vandals in Hogwarts who would destroy a poor boys most valuable possession just because they think it's funny.
But despite this horror thats befallen upon me I refuse to forget the music which once rang through the Gryffindor Common room, I refuse to forget about the message the Spice Girls enforced even if it will take me months to find a replacement CD.
I'm not even sure if I ever will buy another album, it would be like spitting on the memory of the old one.
But I will not let this travesty go unmarked, I am already making plans for a Spice Girls Album memorial park and I will be holding a memorial service ( with the future head girl Pansy Parkinson's approval) and it will be held under the Gryffindor tower on Monday the eighth of November.
The memorial service is welcome to every one who was ever touched by the Spice Girls and their music, accept for George/Eric he can just burn in hell.
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