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Special edition.

The world according to Colin Creevey.

Special edition dedicated to the memory of Albus Dumbledore.

I doubt that there isn't a wizard on earth who in some way wasn't affected by Albus Dumbledore.
Unless of course you count those wizards who were born and died before Dumbledore came along, but I bet a wizard as powerful as Dumbledore could have affected them by using time travel if he hadn't have been killed.
Nether less we have entered a new era in history, an era without Dumbledore.

The world will be a grave place now that he's gone. For example he alone abolished the use of the torture chamber during detention and now without him Filch will be able to exercise all his sadistic pleasures in poor unsuspecting students.

Dumbledore also protected us from the onslaught of you know who, without him we will have to return to a mere closeted boy with anger management issues to save us.

And where will we be without he's ever lasting presence and his snappy sense of style? Instead of being led by a wizard who knows how to wear purple robes we will be led by a witch who still desperately clings onto tartan.

Finally I think that we shall miss the little things, we shall miss the gentle way he told us we couldn't murder other students no matter how stupid they were.
We will miss his almost scary obsession with baths, his interesting Halloween costumes and his perfect spelling and grammar.

Above every thing else we will miss Dumbledore. But fear not for we know that death doesn't always mean the end, he may be gone but he will never be forgotten. Hopefully he is somewhere (preferably a place with a giant bath) and he is at peace.
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